Managing a security program can become overwhelming. Perhaps you’ve invested in technologies to prevent, detect , and monitor threats, but you didn’t build adequate security processes. Conversely, perhaps your organization is process heavy but you don’t possess the right tools to make such processes more manageable. Managing security programs hinges investing in the right processes and technology that support one another.

To gain consistency, your governance efforts must evolve from when it was defined to operationalizing security processes into efficient workflows. Developing and operationalizing smart security procedures requires training, sponsored security workflows, and the right tool integration in order to manage both security and compliance efforts. At VerSprite, we help our clients strategically manage security and compliance, by developing customized frameworks that consolidate multiple standards, and improving how companies can leverage modern day solutions to efficiently manage the ever growing sea of security & compliance data.


  • Custom threat research and analysis
  • Model and run simulated attacks to understand likelihood of a successful exploit
  • Security program and metrics development

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