With more than one hundred years of cumulative experience, VerSprite understands the security pain points unique to each industry and IT environment, and how they intertwine with regulatory and business considerations. We partner with clients to first understand their unique threat landscape from a business context, then we define tailored security and risk strategies that are predictive and adaptive.
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In Healthcare, attacks are on the rise as PHI is becoming a profitable commodity for criminals. Yet in many organizations security has been done at the system level to satisfy HIPAA security and privacy requirements, leaving gaps throughout the care delivery chain that now spans multiple providers, both virtual and physical.

Creating more gaps from multiple security providers is not the answer. What is needed is a single firm that takes a hybrid approach, comprehensively addressing security at a technical level and moving beyond compliance checkboxes. VerSprite’s healthcare expertise covers internal/external physical, administrative and technical domains, streamlining compliance with HIPAA, HITECH, HITRUST, NIST 800-66 requirements. We help our clients mature their programs, providing comprehensive understanding of risk through assessments of on- premise, cloud, mobile client technologies, even extending to wearable and implanted devices.

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Utilities are rapidly transitioning to smart grid systems enabling new business models such as demand response, and dynamic pricing, improving efficiency and quality of service through integration. As the utility sector becomes more integrated, cascading outage scenarios are becoming a real concern, driving many organizations and regulators to take a closer look at their security posture.

In the utility sector, VerSprite tailors its services to help clients secure its power delivery systems, protect critical customer data and efficiently respond to regulatory requirements for security. VerSprite seeks to understand a client’s specific threat landscape by performing a risk based threat modeling exercise. We then prioritize deeper security assessments of SCADA controls or other industrial automation systems, to develop a business rationalized security roadmap and efficient response to NERC CIP regulations or NIST control frameworks.

Controls design and development (link to compliance technical sheet) Compliance readiness assessments (link to compliance business sheet) Risk management program development (link to risk management sheet) Vulnerability and security testing across virtual and physical attack paths (black links to security page) Customized managed services for sensitive assets and processes (link to security page)
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In retail, building and maintaining customer relationships is paramount. With omni-channel customer strategies, attackers have many paths to choose from to capture sensitive PII, account, and cardholder information employing sophisticated attack methods such as RAM scraping on POS systems. Protection technologies like EMV credit cards may slow cyber criminals down in stores, but how will they adapt, and where will they shift their focus?

VerSprite helps retail clients take a proactive security stance by developing a strong understand their threats. Using a threat modeling based approach, VerSprite helps retail clients simulate probable attacks and understand the business consequences, making them better able to defend and respond.

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The business sees an opportunity in the public sector and wants to move quickly to take advantage. Security is now in the critical path and must navigate a course through a jumble of alphabet requirements. NIST 800-series, FIPS 199 come into play for FISMA or FedRAMP certification. How do you ensure that you can meet these regulations with business speed, without turning your organization inside out?

VerSprite experts can partner with your team or independently develop and manage governance processes that provide the foundation for a FISMA or FedRAMP compliance program. VerSprite will help you map compliance requirements, improve audit readiness, and align your security system posture, providing a path to rapidly achieve your authority to operate.

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Higher Education

To support the culture of collaboration and innovation, the IT landscape in higher education institutions is necessarily distributed and open. While this technology environment fosters efficient sharing of ideas, data, research, it also can represent easy targets for attackers, motivated by capturing student PII and valuable intellectual property.

VerSprite has deep expertise in higher education helping clients develop customized security blueprints. We give you an understanding of the scope of your diverse IT assets, then map those assets to threats. By understanding these connections, clients can evaluate and prioritize security countermeasures, and cost effectively reduce risk.

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